The Savagery of saltwater

It is not without irony that the natural constituents of a sailing experience, the sun and the salt water which make us feel so invigorated are also the silent enemies of sailors.

Corrosion is as much a part of the natural environment as is photosynthesis: Where there is salt water and oxygen corrosion can occur, greatly facilitated by the warmth of the sun if we are lucky enough to see it.

Corrosion is the single biggest cause of rigging failures and can turn many simple jobs into epic nightmares. But fear not, most corrosion can be inhibited, prevented or arrested before it causes real consequential damage. And far from feeding you horror stories that will make you take up golf; here at Evolution rigging we want you to join our war on corrosion by following our simple tips to help keep your metal work sparkling and your rig in top condition.

Fresh water rinse everything regularly
Remember corrosion can cause problems over a multitude of different materials so include all of your deck hardware: jammers, ball race car systems, blocks and deck organisers.  Allow yourself an extra 20 minutes at the end of every excursion to properly wave the hose around. Don’t forget most children actually think using a hose is fun so you may not have to bribe them for this chore.

Step away from the WD40
We don’t care how many cans you’ve got stashed in the garage - wet lubricant sprays are just not suitable for sailing hardware. To ensure bottle screws keep moving and blocks keep turning we recommend PTFE based lubricants such as Tefgel or McLube, both of which can be purchased from our rig shop or any chandlery.  So as not to malign the brand too much, it is important to remember that original WD40 is actually more of a solvent than a lubricant; it does a great job of displacing water and helps with dissolving rust and corrosion but it will not protect your rig long term.

Make Regular inspections
Regular rig inspections are vital for catching problems so they can be treated before escalation. As most of us choose to over winter ‘mast up’ this is applicable both at deck level and aloft (and yes salt water can get all the way up there).  Evolution rigging offer an annual rig inspection service, however through the season you can carry out regular visual checks for discolouration or degradation. Don’t forget to remove electrical tape to see what’s underneath, check moving parts are smooth and sponge out areas where water is able to puddle.  If you find anything that doesn’t look quite right give us a call and we will be glad to come and investigate further.

Think Galvanic Corrosion
Anywhere on your boat where two metals meet could be a possible site for galvanic corrosion. When carrying out your own work on board, ensure you do not unnecessarily mix metal types and where possible always choose good quality A4 stainless steel fittings. Where two different metals, or metal and carbon meet use a layer of Tefgel to inhibit corrosion.





James Oxley joins the Evolution Team

Since leaving school James has been totally immersed in the East coast boat building industry.  Starting out with an apprenticeship at Halls boatyard in Walton-on-the-Naze, James went on to study at the International boatbuilding college in Lowestoft and on graduation landed a job with the luxury wooden boat builders ‘Spirit Yachts’. While at Spirit, James had the opportunity to work alongside riggers during the commissioning process which first sparked his interest in all things above deck.

A keen sailor, James races regularly on both a Spirit 65 and 52 participating in worldwide classic yacht regattas. He also owns a Phantom which he races at his home club of Walton and Frinton as well as open events around the UK.

James is looking forward to taking on a new trade within the marine industry and in particular learning about rig set ups and tuning. We have no doubt his boatbuilding expertise and attention to detail will make him a great addition to our team. Type your paragraph here.

Beat Corrosion and Meet the Team – News from Evolution Rigging

It’s ironic that the natural constituents of a sailing experience; sun and the salt water which make us so invigorated are also the silent enemies of sailors.

Evolution Rigging join the Suffolk Yacht Harbour Mega stand at Southampton Boat show

Following its great reception at this year’s London show the onsite businesses of Suffolk Yacht Harbour are once again combining to produce the ‘one-stop-shop’ mega stand in Southampton. 

At Evolution rigging we benefit daily from working in close proximity to partner services on site at SYH. If we need to talk about joint projects, check the details of components, or logistical timings, we just wander across the yard and get things done face to face - fast.  It made total sense to offer our customers the same experience giving access to expert advice on rigging, sail making and covers, berthing, yard services, electronics and stainless-steel work on one boat show stand. It has sparked some interesting conversations, good deals and will definitely give your feet a rest.

Come and see us from the 14th to 23rd September on stand J316 for advice, to take advantage of boat show discounts, talk about your next project or just to shoot the breeze and see what’s new in the world of rigging. Type your paragraph here.